Sikh Religion began in India in 1469 with the Birth of its Founder, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. There are over 30 millions Sikhs in the world, with around 20 million in India and the rest 10 million all over the world including Europe, U.K, the Americas and Asia.


To serve and uplift the human race through the universal teachings of Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Gurus and the path of Sikh Dharma.


To Raise the consciousness of Humanity by Serving the One God in All.

Our Vision is to Serve One and All.

It is our honor and privilege, with utmost gratitude, to serve the Worldwide Community through our programs at Sikh Dharma Universal. Wahe Guru!


Sikh Dharma Universal is established in New Mexico, the USA as a global organization to serve the Sikh Dharma Family around the world. Please visit the various pages to learn more about the Sikh way of life and our mission.