What is Dasvandh

Literally meaning “the tenth part”, Dasvandh is tithing practice of making a contribution of some part of one’s earnings in the name of the spiritual source of the Guru.

The Dasvandh principle signifies that one gets infinity in return for a contribution made towards the infinite. This form of spiritual practice helps in building trust in the abilities, existence, and supremacy of the Infinite to respond to the abundant flow of energy and love given by one. This energy flow then expands tenfold and returns back in abundance.

Members of the Sikh community started making offerings during the time of Guru Nanak (1469-1539), the founder of the Sikh Path and the first Sikh Guru. The virtue of Dasvandh was promoted by Guru Nanak in his Bani.

He said:

ਘਾਲਿ ਖਾਇ ਕਿਛੁ ਹਥਹੁ ਦੇਇ ਨਾਨਕ ਰਾਹੁ ਪਛਾਣਹਿ ਸੇਇ ੧॥

ghaal khaa-ay kichh hathahu day-ay. naanak raahu pachhaaneh say-ay. (1)

One who works for his food, and gives some of what he has – O Nanak, he knows the Path. (1)

The third Sikh Guru, Guru Amar Das, formally started the tradition of a free kitchen and providing blessed food (langar) to everyone, without any discrimination. Guru Amar Das called upon the Sikhs to bring a portion of their earnings and crops to share in the community kitchen.

During the time of Guru Arjan, the fifth Sikh Guru, difficult financial times were faced by members of the Sikh community. The situation was so concerning that Sikh leaders went to meet Guru Arjan in hope of a solution. Guru Arjan communicated to n them that the cosmic principle of Dasvandh would multiply their prosperity. Guru Arjan instructed every Sikh to donate one-tenth of their earnings and time to the Infinite.

The power of tithing, by offering the Dasvandh, has been promoted by the Siri Singh Sahib as the way to form a connection with one’s highest self.

Starting Your Own Dasvandh Practice

The tithing principle through Dasvandh is about utilization of the power of 10. It is a well-known fact that almost every spiritual or religious group of this world encourages its participants to contribute one-tenth of their earnings. This contribution is to be used for supporting, helping, and building the spiritual and religious communities. A big majority of people try to give more back to their community by giving more than the traditionally one-tenth of one’s income as laid out in the Dasvandh. Open up the avenues of happiness and abundance in life by joining the path of giving back to the spiritual source. It is one of the greatest bounds of faith on the spiritual path.

“My Dasvandh today is 40 times my first salary and 400 times my first Dasvandh!” ~ Anonymous Dasvandh Donor

“Many blessings and thank you for your message and for your service. We feel grateful to give at this level every month as we have without break since sometime around 1985.  Our lives are a testament to the benefits of giving to the unknown in the name of God, with confidence that God will return that contribution many folds. We are grateful to support the Siri Singh Sahib Ji’s mission.  Giving is the greatest gift we give to ourselves.” ~ Anonymous Dasvandh Donor

The blessings of Dasvandh can be experienced by you. We invite you to take the first step right now!