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Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sikh Dharma Universal (SDU) is spreading the message of Guru Nanak’s Teachings all over the world. Today there are Sikh Dharma centers in over 100 countries and growing. Many are following the teachings of Guru Nanak and thousands have adopted the Sikh way of life. SDU is helping many thousands of people around the world who want to learn the Sikh religion and way of life by going to these countries and inspiring people with the Sikh teachings. Please donate generously to this cause as we help Sikh families in India and worldwide. SDU is helping poor Sikh families who cannot afford higher education, healthcare and need help with marriages and other needs. The funds you donate will be used for various Sikh Dharma projects including taking Yatras to India, offering free courses for KY in various countries, Free Level 1 Certification for aspiring KY Teachers, opening and helping with Sikh Gurdwaras in countries where there are none and are needed, helping KY and Sikh Dharma members worldwide with their needs and many other such causes.