Jangi Bakshi

  • Jangi is from an army family back ground. His family served under the British Army for 100 years during the time of the British Empire. They fought during World War II under the command of Colonel Holman of the 6th Cavalry and were awarded Order of British Empire (OBI)_ the Belgium Military Cross and French Croix de Guerre.
  • He was educated in Jodhpur, Rajasthan state of India. In 197O he moved to Delhi. After finishing his A levels, where he spent 5 years., there he became a director of a mail order company for 1 year and secure mail order business with 700 diplomats. Thereafter he was involved in the import and export business related to fashion industry and also worked as a supervisor in a medical company for 2 years
  •  Since 1976 he has lived in London, UK, where he completed a diamond grading course and became a producer of diamond jewellery in Hatton Garden for 10 years. During that period he became managing director for number of companies.
  •  From 1985-87 he has played pivotal role in shaping 100 EOU/EPZ export policy for Government of India and successfully secured the first licence in entire India. His company was the first company to cast the White-Yellow Gold Jewellery in India. He has worked with number of companies and individuals of international repute such as De-Beers_Bvlgari_Cartier UTC Group Centre Metaux and the Co-op store of Switzerland_Hako Group of Germany_Royals and other prestigious groups of UAE_Corporate Group of India_Japan_USA and EU. He has also been closely connected with number of key Executives of Dee-beers.
  •  He has attained 35 years of experience in a cross section of industry and has become well versed in competitive manufacturing, marketing, out sourcing, administration & financial work. He has been involved with a number of 14 offices across five continents for arranging financial and technical collaboration where he was involved to process marketing, outsourcing and liaison work with number of clients in mineral and other sector/ industries. With the experiences he has gained over the years and the amount of contacts he has worldwide, he is in a unique position to be able to structure and deliver any size of macro level project in a cross section of industries worldwide.
  1. December 2013 Sn. Partner- Sovereign Gate. Facilitating the Trade and Commerce activities in between Russia – India –East Europe–Middle East –South East Asia through country head. 
  2. August 2012 as on Date> Vice President & Jt CEO –Nano Living System involve in building of Affordable homes for low income group.
  3. From 2011, MLI Ghana_Managing Director> Gold Bullion trading., System Assessment and Acquisition of value added mineral resources of West Africa
  4. From 2004- 2008, Responsible ethnic work stream in Equal 2 Project /Business Link, UK.
  5. From 2006-2008, Financial advisor for number of high net worth EU client to provide local and international trade finance from number of Triple A Rated International Banks.
  6. From 1990-1995, Marketing Director to sell jewellery through Hako group based in Dusseldorf, Germany.
  7. From 1992-1993, Advisor to Uzbekistan Government in Minerals & Metals
  8. From 1991-1992, Marketing Director, John Harwood / Lloyd’s Group, Washington-DC, USA

  9. From 1985 – 1989, MD for Diamond / Gem Stone Trading and Jewellery Project Implementer in UK for number of Companies

  1. From 1979 – 1984, M.D. Marketing & Manufacturing for Dash dale International Ltd.UK. From 1979 – 1981, Sale Directors for Jewellery Company Facit_Gold Ltd.UK.
  2. From 1974 – 1976, Supervisor for Medical Company Juggat Pharmacy, India.


  • Supervision of infrastructural projects in a cross section of industries and countries
  • Handling purchases and procurement for a range of products and services on a cost effective basis
  •  Administration & Finance
  •  Manufacturing with exposure in international markets
  •  Marketing, including: Developing of high level marketing plans and responsibility for marketing and Sales management, organisation of trade show and seminars.
  •  Financial structuring and collaboration in SE Asia / Middle East / EU / Far Eastern/ Trans Atlantic and African Markets
  •  Consulting in the metals, Minerals and materials trading, processing and manufacturing industry.


  • Framing of 100% EOU and EPZ policies with MOC for Government of India which after 3 years of hard work finally allowed companies to Manufacture and 100% Export of Plain and Studded Jewellery from India. (www.gjepc.org )
  •  First Company to cast the White and Yellow Gold jewellery in India.
  •  Advisor to Uzbekistan Government for Sale of Bullion & advice to re- invest the sale proceed into modernisation of Uzbek Jewellery Sector…
  •  Director of London Centre City of Time Ltd LCCT Facilitate clients to enhance UK trade with India.
  •  Initiator of Europe India Multi Disciplinary Services: Facilitated SME & Corporate clients of cross section of Industry to ex pand the trade in between EU-India throughBrusselsoffice.
  •  Conceptualized Lotus India Trade Centre_UK. For Showcasing India in London by Exhibiting>” India Past Present and Future”
  •  Affiliated with H.H.Gaj Singh Ji through Lotus Project (www.maharajajodhpur.com)
  •  Affiliated with Mr.P.R.S…CMD of Oberoi Group of Hotels & Resorts on Golden Swan Jewellery Project. (www.oberoihotels.com)
  •  Affiliated as a Vice President of Europe (AIAI) (www.aiaiindia.com)
  •  Mining of Gold in Ghana


  • Assessmentt_Acquisition & Mining of value-added mineral resources in Africa & Rest of the World
  •  Overseeing the Trading operation of Gold & Diamond
  •  Structuring Natural Resources Worldwide
  • Rehabilitation of a Diamond Jewellery factory in Delhi India